Phone Services

Call Forwarding (*72/*73)
Automatic Recall (*69)
Call Waiting
Deluxe Call Waiting
Calling Name/Number Delivery
Calling Number Delivery
Speed Calling (*75)
Automatic Callback (*66/*86)
Selective Call Forwarding
Three-Way Calling (flash)
Selective Call Acceptance (*64)
Selective Call Rejection (*60)
Anonymous Call Rejection (*77/*87)
Personal Ring (Teen Ring)
Custom Ring/Call Waiting (*61)
Caller ID Block (*67)
BatteryLink Phone & WiFi
Voicemail Personal Secretary
Voicemail Family Mail Call
Voicemail Call Forward Busy
Voicemail to Email
Lets you transfer your incoming calls to any telephone number that you can call directly.
Redials the last person who called you whether the call was answered or not.
Lets you know when someone else is calling while you are on the telephone.
Allows you, while on the phone with another caller, to be alerted and see on your caller ID display who is calling.
Displays the name and number of the person calling you on a telephone which has a caller ID display screen.
Displays only the number of the person calling you on a telephone which has a caller ID display screen.
Lets you call frequently called numbers by dialing only one or two digits (30 #’s).
Redials the last busy number you called. If the number is still busy, it will continue to redial periodically, alerting you with a special ring when the call can go through.
Lets you select a list of incoming calling numbers which will be forwarded to you when you are away.
Can be used whether you received or placed the call. Lets you add a third party to your existing conversation.
Allows you to program a list of numbers you want to receive calls from. All other calls will be sent to a recording that says the call has been denied.
Allows you to program your phone to block calls from your selective list of phone numbers. The last person who called (even if you don’t know the number) can be added to the list.
Rejects calls from callers who block their caller ID information so that their calls don’t even ring on your line.
Allows you to have up to two phone numbers with a single line. When called, each line has its own unique ring. Great for teens, roommates, and business applications.
Lets you define a list of priority numbers. When a call comes from any of those numbers on the list, you will hear a special ring, or if you are on the phone, a special Call Waiting tone.
Allows the calling party to suppress their numbers so that the called party with Caller ID does not receive their number.
Our battery backup unit keeps you connected even when the power fails you. Keep your whole home connected with our 24 hour battery backup. This allows you to maintain a connection through WiFi as well as the ability to connect to 911 emergency services.
No Charge per call, $2.00 per line
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