Wifi X

Connect. Protect. Control.
Your Total home WiFi experience

The wifi x App enables a seamless Home Wifi connection and a hands-on app that gives you ultimate control and peace of mind.

  • Installation of a commercial-grade WiFi 6 wireless router
  • Password protection of your wireless network
  • Set-up of select devices in the home at the time of installation
  • A single point of contact for tech support, available 24/7
Manage Your Home Wifi Network from your phone

  • Link and control your whole home and smart home devices
  • Update your network name (SSID)
  • Create a guest network
  • Run accurate speed tests
Monitor blocked threats, intrusions, and viruses to protect your network

  • Get real time alerts when a threat has been blocked
  • Easily perform a security scan on all your devices
  • Prevent threats before they access your home network
Set up enhanced parental controls to give you ultimate peace of mind

  • Regulate which devices have access to Wifi and when
  • Block entire internet categories, apps, and websites
  • Safe Search: remove inappropriate and explicit content for user search results
  • Set priority to selected devices bandwidth access
  • Manages network usage and access
Take control of your internet With Wifi X, Our Worry-Free WiFi Experience For Only $7.95/Mo
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Additional Wifi Plans

Wifi Extended - $10.95/Month

Do you have trouble getting a strong WiFi signal in every part of your home? Get all the features of WiFi X, plus a Wifi extender that boosts your signal to other parts of the house. A WiFi extender is like an extra length of hose that helps you reach every corner of your garden. WiFi Extended keeps your connected everywhere in your house. *Wiring fees apply.

Wifi Premium - $16.00/Month

The WiFi Premium Mesh Network Package is for larger homes where having a seamless WiFi connection throughout the entire home is essential. This package does not contain the WiFi X Package. Installation and Wiring fee apply.

Prices are per month. Restrictions may apply. Subject to change without notice.