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Construction is underway and once it is complete in an area, it will be added in green to the map below.
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Is Upcountry Fiber the same as Blue Ridge Electric and WCFIBER internet?
Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative (BREC) and West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative (WCTEL) teamed up to offer high-speed internet service to families and businesses across the Blue Ridge service area under their partnership company Upcountry Fiber.
What is the construction plan for the Upcountry Fiber network?
Construction of the Upcountry Fiber network began in the Spring of 2021. The goal is to bring fiber to every Blue Ridge Electric member, all 70,000. Construction will continueover approximately five to seven years, investing over $150 million. The fiber-based network will improve reliability throughout BREC’s electrical system and provide high-speed, reliable internet via a 100% fiber network installed directly to the home. The goal is to bring fiber to every Blue Ridge Electric member, all 70,000. Construction will continue over approximately five to seven years.
Will all Blue Ridge customers eventually have access to high-speed internet service?
The goal is to bring fiber to every Blue Ridge Electric member, all 70,000. Construction will continue over approximately five to seven years. We have committed to the Blue Ridge membership to build out our entire footprint over the next 5-7years, regardless of any financial assistance from state or federal government funds. However, we can accelerate access to broadband in our area with financial assistance. There are currently multiple bills being debated at the state level that could give us access to additional funding that would speed up our project.
Is fiber delivered all the way into the home?
Yes, the fiber is brought all the way into your home and does not stop at the node, this way your service is fully 100% fiber.
How will I know when you will be in my area?
Upcountry Fiber will send three types of mailers. You will start receiving mailers as soon as you can place your order. The first type is a booklet to inform members about the start of construction. The others are postcards that will alert eligible residents to sign up for service coming soon and that service is available. You may receive multiple mailers and not necessarily in that order.
I registered my interest on the website. Now what?
Once service is available at your home or business, Upcountry Fiber will communicate through direct mail.
Where do I find more information about construction plans?
The construction map will update residential and business in-service area. The map is updated as construction is completed, check back often for changes.
What internet packages does Upcountry Fiber offer?
You can view all packages and pricing here: https://www.upcountryfiber.com/internet Get internet without data caps or contracts and free installation!
Will my electric bill increase to pay for the Upcountry Fiber network?
No. BREC will not raise electric rates to subsidize the buildout or deployment. 
How will I get Upcountry Fiber services through the co-op?
Upcountry Fiber is the broadband service provider. WCTEL will provide billing and customer service via Upcountry Fiber. For questions or to place your order, you will need to contact Upcountry Fiber directly.
Can I just sign up for TV or Phone?
No, internet is required for service.
What is the contract length and are these prices going to change after the contract?
There is no contract required for internet and a one-year contract for TV to avoid installation charges. There are also no data caps for internet. The price you pay for internet is your price, not an introductory price, so it will stay consistent over time. TV rates, however, go up each year approximately $10 due to an increase in programming costs.
Will you have a local office?
Currently we are exploring the best possible options for having a local presence in the Blue Ridge service area. It is our intention to have local staff in a local office within the next few years.
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